Chapter One: The Urlie Yeers of Brillyance.

It is difficullt to no wear to start, as long as I kan remmember I have bean extreemly good at a lot of things.

I suppose that furst realized that I was very good at everything that I tried when i was quite yung.

I must have been only three years old or perhaps even as old as four years old when I reassembled a broken dishwasher, won a competition on the back of a cereal packet with an oil painting of my bedroom and won the three legged race at the skool sports day without a partner. Later that day I was at a golf korse when a man gave me a four iron to play with. I jst swanged at the ball and it went to 4 feet of the pin. Later on that same week, I then went on to achieve a very lot including running and swimming very fast, being grate at everything. Among the gratest of my achievments was.............

(next 300, pages deleted: editor)

And so you see, that was just the fiorst chapter that shoiwed me how grate i was when I was only as old as fours years old.

In the next chapter I will go on to describve for you how fantastically marvellous i became at everything else that I tried.

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