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A new addition to the 2014 tour and what a wonderful debut it was.


Stumped up his kitty money, took part, had a great time, didn't win.


What an ideal tourist.


Malcolm had a great tour, which can be summarised as:


Round One: Gloria Old Course

There is a car rally going through the golf course and animals are in danger of being run over. There are also branches blocking the road and a car is turned upside down leaving the driver pinned under the car on the edge of the cliff. It's up to Skippy to deliver the message back to headquarters that a helicopter and a grappling hook will be needed to pull the car off the driver. However when lowering the hook, it gets caught around a tree. Skippy is the only one able to release the hook and save the day. 


Round Two: The Sultan

A mysterious disease threatens to wipe out all wildlife in Waratah National Park and the evidence is Skippy is to blame. Sonny and Skippy set out to clear his name. They find the poacher and his dogs who are the real cause of the problem, they call the rangers and Skippy devises an antedote that saves the day. 


Round Three: The National

A diamond thief loses a valuable necklace while on the run from the police in the park. The thief sees Skippy and places it in her pouch, and follows her back to Ranger Headquarters where everyone is busy constructing a float for the financially pressured Waratah Festival. The thief then tries to stowaway on the float and escape with the necklace but Skippy tells the ranger all about it. The thief is arrested, the reward for finding the necklace saves the carnival and once again, Skippy saves the day.


Round Four: The Carya

When a storm hits the Waratah National Park, the communication lines go down. What makes matters worse is that Matt is bitten by a snake and with the radios out no one can radio for help. It is up to Skippy to go for help and the antidote to save Matt's life. Once again, Skippy comes through by taking the antedote back. Skippy administers the life saving injection and saves the day.


Round Five: Lykia Links

Sonny has been placed in charge of an automatic recording unit deep in the bush of Waratah National Park, supervised by Matt. While servicing the box, Skippy and Sonny come across an injured airman who has ejected from his plane, hanging by the cord of his parachute from a tree. In trying to rescue him, Sonny slips and becomes trapped on a cliff face. Realising that the weight of his body is ripping the parachute and that it is only a matter of time before he falls to his death, Sonny sends Skippy for help. Unfortunately the helicopter pilot is ill, so Skippy has to fly the helicopter back to the scene and carry out highly skilled and dangerous manoeuvres hovering over the cliff face. Once again, Skippy saves the day.


Round Six: Gloria New Course

When Jerry is asked to be best man at a wedding, he finds it hard to make it to the church on time. First he and Skippy have to rescue two teenagers from a sinking boat on the river. Then they have to rescue a man caught on a ledge. There are no cars available as everyone seems to be out so Jerry has to ride a horse to the wedding. In his hurry, he leaves his hat and gloves and the ring behind but, realising that there is a problem, Skippy arrives just in time with his hat, gloves and ring and saves the day.