Steve "Winny" Winyard                 

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Oh how dreams really can come true!!!!


Winnie has won the tour for the second time !!!!!


Winnie won in 2011 and then again on 2013. The first win required him to make a par four down the last at Dinard. A solid drive left a nine iron and after a long first putt, Winnie found himself considering a nerve jangling down hill left to right very tricky four foot putt. He smashed it into the dead centre of the hole with the steely resolve of a Glasgow prostitute on a cold wet and windy night in early January.

In 2013 Winnie smashed it.

From the opening round he went 37, 35, 38, 36, 40, 32, 33.

bearing in mind the difficulty of the courses (SS way above par) and the fact that they were all new to us, this was spectacular.

So good in fact, that Winnie has now been cut to 8.

A fantastic achievement.

Winnie is one of the more easily encouraged and frequently misled golfers. Lived next door to TC for many years and, even now, tries to shift the blame for those all too frequent occasions when he arrives home in a pathetic state.

Sings like an angel.

To see the Winnie swing in slow motion, click on the picture >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hits a good long ball too often in the wrong direction but he knows where the bar is and that's what really matters.

Handicap:                8 : Single figures at last Winnie, Well done !!!! And well deserved.


Tour Wins :            2: Hall of Shame none (but there is always next year)

Form and Outlook

The spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where my putter is” is Steve's Marching song. Who knows what 2014 will bring?

Is he the wisest man on tour or has he missed the point?  Only time will tell. In summary, a confident outlook and some new grips will take him far, but will it be far enough? he won one tour..... can he do it again??????

Napster Forecast: Could be very dangerous but ........ there could be a last place lurking there too. It is harder with an 8 handicap, but he can do it.

Star SignSilk Cut

Bad Habits:                   Plays like a girl in the rain

Redeeming Features:     Sings like an angel ( Chantez à l'âne, il vous fera des pets. )

Catchphrase :                That would have gone 300 yards if that (tree / bush / lake / shed / telegraph pole / starters hut /  dog) hadn't stopped it.

Contents of Golf Bag:   A nervous 3 wood, ping irons, 6,000 silk cut and 23 lighters.