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Known as "Gooders" or "The Swede" or "Gooderersonn".


Neal holds the record for having the most nicknames and for the best ever score of 43 points. (Playing off 5 at the time).


Neal is a fashion icon in every sense of the word. T.C. was previously unchallenged but we wonder if there will be room on the tour, we ask ourselves, for these two giants of style.


(Well at least we would be asking ourselves if we could be bothered to).


A recent trip to Thailand has resulted in the purchase of Thai made trousers and shirts specifically designed and choreographed for the next Gritters tour.  The pink trousers with matching accessories were a high spot.


A great conversationalist and wit, Neal is an obvious and welcome choice for the tour. If only he would stop winning so much.


Tour Wins: Two (yes, we know, first two out of two). A brilliant first outing, a popular and well deserved second win but only just. Will he ever repeat it? Can he win a third time? Or has he blown all his stash on the first two attempts? Or, to put it another way....

Il ne faut pas mettre tous ses œufs dans le même panier

Well, as it turned out, he played very badly and finished only one shot clear of last place.

Hall of Shame: None, though surely only a question of time?

Form and Outlook:

The form looked terrible right from the off and then came a dose of the shanks. we were very sympathetic and wrote a song about it. (see Gritters poetry)


Can he win three? The first two were won in the first two attempts, the second on a back 9 countback. That third win just might prove to be as elusive as something very elusive. He has now won one on a back nine and lost one on a back nine.


The smart money says that he probably can do it but that he will needs to get back to a 6 handicap to do it..

Napster Forecast: Probable winner, certain top three

Star Sign : Balti Pilchards

Anagram: Aging Noodle

Distinguishing Marks: Absurdly good looking, great golfer and buckets of charm

Bad Habits: Forging notes from his mum.

Redeeming Features: A contributor and a welcome addition to the tour

Catchphrase : None, everything Neal says is totally forgettable

Contents of Golf Bag: Mizuno irons, Ping woods, book of catchphrases, note from mum.

Publications: "How good I am at everything" Gritters press, available in paperback or pdf by email. Extract from First Chapter can be found here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> How Good I am at Everything