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The Way We Were.......

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To see the five minutes highlights video of the 2008 tour click here >>>> HIGHLIGHTS

The 2007 Movie highlights can be seen here >>>>>>  2007 Gritters Highlights
Winnie & Clarkie at a kebab shop in Dol De Bretagne 2010 Pen Guen in 2002, some old tramp turned up and tried to nick some clubs
Cock and TC congratulating themselves on both making birdie twos. TC had knocked his five iron to three inches whilst Cock was forced to hole a forty yard chip shot having stuffed his first into the bushes. Cock. Aitch and Tippy enjoy a beer and watch the others come in from the terrace at Dinard
The rooms provided as standard are booked via Brittany Ferries and are pretty ordinary. Readers will be pleased to learn that this did not stop Ian and T.C. upgrading theirs without telling the others. The presidential suite is large enough to land a small helicopter in and has the nice view of the square shown below. Harry and Tippy can be seen enjoying an early morning cigarette.
Cash Till - stressless in 2005Short Stuff in 2005 looking for foodDes Ormes 2005
Short Stuff, Tippy, TC and Aitch on the First tee at Dinard in 200412th  tee at Dinard

Aitch on a buggy at Dinard

Freslonnierre 2004Cock arriving at his favourite golf course in the whole worldFreslonnierre 2003 after the round
TC at Dinard in 2004Aitch in 2003Ian at Dinard in 2005
he bar at L'Univers in 2005Clarkie, Porky, Cock and Short Stuff at Val AndrePorky's sun protection at Dinard 2006
T.C. at Dinard in 20052005 breakfast2005 Des Ormes with the cow
Dinard 2002  
Cash relaxing before the gamecash is worse for wear in 1996Granville 2006
Cash Till, Freslonnierre, 2004 short stuff on the 10th at des ormes
Above is the 2008 tour photo

Below is the montage from the 2006 tour

Below is the montage from the 2005 Stressless Tour

The 2010 attendees:


Barry, John Mayers, Short Stuff, Swede, Cock, Narrowboat, Ian, T.C. Winnie, Alan, Darrell, Porky